Evaluation report summaries from the last 7 years are available for view to the Lafayette community.

Reports for Winter 2020 and preceding terms

Evaluations summaries within that 7 year window and up until the Winter term of the 2019-2020 academic year are posted on the old “Faculty Evaluations” website.

Reports for Fall 2020 and terms moving forward

Top left menu in CoursEval that shows "Published Results" under the "Reports" menuEvaluations for the Fall 2020 term and beyond can be accessed within the current course evaluations system, CoursEval, under “Published Results” within the Reports menu. See image.

This report is a single longitudinal report that will contain all terms evaluating using Anthology Course Evaluations moving forward.  To quickly find courses that are cross-listed between different departments, Course Name is likely the best field to use rather than the Course Number field. As more terms are evaluated and reports released, term-by-term information can be viewed by searching the desired term under the Survey field.

Faculty members can learn more about viewing their own course evaluations and creating custom reports on the Information for Faculty page.

(Evaluation summaries for the Spring 2020 term are not available due to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting pivot to remote learning during that term.)

Important Terminology

Below are a few definitions of terms  to be aware of when reviewing evaluation reports (Source: CoursEval).

  • N: The number of responses for a question.
  • Group median. (GMed): Calculated estimate of where the true median would have been had there been less granularity in the scale used. Also known as the “interpolated median” which is a useful measure for situations where the total range of answers to a question is relatively narrow (e.g. Likert scales).
  • Frequency distribution: Distribution of answers across all responses.