Timeline for Completion

The open period for Summer I 2021 course evaluations is, Tuesday, June 22nd through Thursday, June 24th. During this time you are expected to complete the evaluations of all courses assigned to you. If your courses are participating in the College-wide evaluation process, your professors have been asked to dedicate time in class for you to complete course evaluations. After that time period course evaluations will close.

Accessing Course Evaluations

  • You can access your course evaluations through this link or by logging in through the emails sent to you from CoursEval (sender name: Laf Course Evals). During the open period you can also login through the link on My Lafayette under the “Taking Classes” block.
  • Please view the Student Experience Video to gain an understanding of what you will see when you are completing your course evaluations in the system. An image is also included below of the student experience. 

Student experience

Completing Course Evaluations

  • Please be sure to complete all course evaluations that are assigned to you. This feedback is important for your instructors. 
  • Please be aware of your own biases in completing the form and focus on your learning and the course rather than the personal attributes of your instructor.  
  • Be constructive in your feedback and provide information that your professors can actually use. For example, using a phrase such as “this class was great,” on its own does not explain the reasons why. Also indicate which teaching practices, learning activities, etc. made the course great. 


Are my evaluation responses anonymous?

Yes, your evaluation responses are anonymous. Faculty will only be able to see the aggregate reports of submitted evaluation responses after grades are submitted for the semester.

When will I complete my evaluations?

Check the Important Dates page for information about upcoming open periods for course evaluations. Your professors will likely reserve class time for you to complete your evaluations, but you may complete them at any point within this timeframe.

What if some of my courses are missing?

Contact your faculty member and ask them about whether or not the course should be listed for evaluation as your professor may be providing an alternate evaluation tool of their own choosing or they may have approval for this particular course to not be evaluated this semester.

If your professor says the course should be listed in CoursEvals, they should email courseevals@lafayette.edu to notify the Course Evaluations team of the situation.

I am unable to login to the course evaluations site. What do I do?

Contact help@lafayette.edu or call 610-330-5501 for assistance. 

I logged into CoursEval and there is a class listed from which I withdrew. What do I do?

Double check that you officially withdrew from the course in Banner.

If the course is listed as a withdrawal on Banner, but is still showing up in CoursEval, contact courseevals@lafayette.edu for assistance.